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Natural Pet Supplements for Cats and Dogs, 100% Human Grade Ingredients

The perfect bundle for diarrhea episodes and boosting gut health. A quick natural Anti-Diarrhea supercharged with advanced Daily Probiotics to relieve symptoms and heal the gut.

  • Immediate diarrhea relief

  • Effective probiotics for long-term gut health

  • ​Natural ingredients, hypoallergenic

& Probiotics Bundle

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Sooth Itchiness

Itchy skin? Rashes? Dry Skin? Our anti-allergy formula helps effectively regulate allergic reactions and promote skin health for your pets.

  • Relieve allergic reactions

  • Reduce itchiness and inflammation

  • Aid in skin repair

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Natural Pet Supplements

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About Us

9 Tail Nutrition's team of pet professionals is committed to provide the highest quality natural pet supplements, made with 100% human-grade ingredients. 

We believe longevity comes from natural nutrition. The best supplements and healthy food help prevent diseases and promote good health.

In a world where the emphasis on convenience drives the use of processed food and drugs on our furry friends, we need to advocate for their true needs of natural and quality nutrition.

Why choose us?

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Clean & Natural

We only use real, all natural and responsibly sourced ingredients

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We only sell products that help boost your dog's health and longevity

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We are a community of dog health advocates, constantly improving our products and adapting to the latest research



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